Skin Deep / The Kiss of Life No. 5

We hit the road for our first pop-up at the opening of Gwen O'Brien's
Skin Deep / The Kiss of Life No. 5, now exhibiting at 632 Wealthy in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Consisting of two projects, the exhibition touched on one of the major themes of existence; our relationship with ourselves.

Here's Gwen's artist statement and the full set of images:

Skin Deep is the first in a series of photographs and collage experiments exploring identity, gender, sexuality, and desire.

The Kiss of Life No. 5 was shot at Ten Thousand Waves in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Kiss is a blend of smoking herbs and cannabis—created for moments of connection with yourself and with others.

Skin Deep



Skin Deep - Courage - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Desire - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Strength - Gwen O'Brien

Unconditional Love

Skin Deep - Unconditional Love - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Vision - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Vulnerability - Gwen O'Brien

The Kiss of Life

The Kiss of Life / Kiss #1

The Kiss of Life / Kiss #2

The Kiss of Life / Kiss #3

The Kiss of Life / Kiss #4

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All the way from Australia, jewelry fro Amber Sceats.

A little bit about fellow Australian Amber Sceats, she founded her self titled accessories company in 2012. Since launching in Sydney, Amber quickly gained a high profile in the media spotlight as one of Australia’s most dynamic designers. Heavily influenced by her appreciation for art, travel and architecture; Amber Sceats is an ode to the abstract. The underlying ‘rock’ element throughout her collections make the pieces uncompromisingly contemporary whilst simultaneously timeless.


Our "Fighting Hunger" bullet necklaces represent your fight against global hunger using ethical fashion.  They took something that is usually seen as a symbol of harm, and turned it into a positive symbol of hope. For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, YOU provide 7 meals for a child in need!
silver plated top and bottom, gold plated center
30" silver ball chain
silver plated charm that reads "HALF UNITED FIGHTING HUNGER"
handmade in the USA

CHICAGO field guide.

A mini-overnight travel guide

Mezcal, lanterns, and James.

Who: Alice, Clark, Emily
When: April 28 - 30
Why: A little birthday lamb

Mothers day.

Mimosas and Mamas, at Blacklamb on may 13. we team up with Kenley event design.

BLACKLAMB snake armband.

A Hematite-studded snake made out of sterling silver curls around your upper arm... yes please. Ruby eyes. Hinge cuff - one size fits most.

Throwing Shade: Midnight Blue

It’s been said that we’ve got ‘colorful’ personalities. Which if you read between the lines, is a nice Midwestern way of saying ‘those ladies like to say the word shit a lot.’

Our vibrant personalities notwithstanding, ‘colorful’ isn’t a word we’d use as an exclusive guideline to merchandise the store around. Most of the time, color at Blacklamb means artful dashes here, a light accessory there, a few statement pieces. And that’s why when we notice that we’ve steadily been buying up a certain shade that isn’t black, well, we probably should be writing about it.

Our obsession with cobalt is already well-known, but another blue that’s caught our eye lately is midnight. We’ve seen it in Marc Jacobs, on Y/Project’s runway, in nail polish, home decor, and even deeply saturated into current feature films. So dark it almost reads as black, midnight is haunting, yet deep and beautiful. Femmes fatales.


Midnight Blue

So where does midnight blue fit at Blacklamb, and how can you make it your own?

We’ve got a few ideas:

On your arm: OAD Messenger Courier

Over breakfast: Stelton Vacuum Jug

At a dinner party: Blue Wire Bowl

In your workout bag: BKR 500mL Silicone and Glass Water Bottle

On vacation: Hudson + Bleeker Amalfi Voyager Travel Toiletry Bag

In your ears: Blacklamb Agate and Onyx Earrings