The Survival Guide: Winter 2016

It seems like just yesterday we were pulling out our scarves, leather jackets, and committing to continue our yearly tradition of not drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

But last weekend’s brief indian-summer notwithstanding, we’ve started to spot the puffy coats and cashmere sweaters that tell us Winter isn’t too far away. Even our own personal bonecrusher/business-manager John has already begun to talk about heading South.

When you’re up north as we are, Winter is about getting ready for the cold. And when you don’t have a place to escape to like John, the order of the next couple weeks is getting comfortable. To us, the best Winter is spent with cozy, soft surfaces, things you can lose yourself into - like blankets, aromatics, and self-care. Truly finding the best way to warm yourself up when it gets dark at 5pm.

What are your favorite things for surviving this Winter? Here’s a couple in-store and online items we’ve got our eyes on for when the snow starts to fall:

Par Avion Midnight Glitter Tea

Is there anything more relaxing than gently holding a cup of tea with two hands and watching the steam dance into the air? Now imagine that scene with gold sparkles glistening when you look down.

Cocolux Onyx Smoked Candle in Violet Tabac

A rich, spicy fragrance, balanced out with a deep purple floral violet. If the scent doesn’t take you to a colorful Sahara paradise, just imagine how the beautiful solid marble holder will look flickering on your countertop after you’ve finished having dinner and dimmed the lights.

Elk Aztec Scarf

Twist, and then twist again until you’ve enveloped yourself in a huge soft, cotton scarf. The stitched black and white Aztec-pattern is just icing on the cake.

Par Avion Super Matcha Detox Shot

When last night’s glitter-filled holiday soiree turns into today’s sluggish can’t-get-out-of-bed start, sometimes you need a wingman. Hosting a get-together of your own? Why not grab a case for all your guests.

Fab Furs Teal Faux Tibetan Lamb Jacket

So soft. And if jackets aren't your type, we've got a scarf and vest, too