Skin Deep / The Kiss of Life No. 5

We hit the road for our first pop-up at the opening of Gwen O'Brien's
Skin Deep / The Kiss of Life No. 5, now exhibiting at 632 Wealthy in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Consisting of two projects, the exhibition touched on one of the major themes of existence; our relationship with ourselves.

Here's Gwen's artist statement and the full set of images:

Skin Deep is the first in a series of photographs and collage experiments exploring identity, gender, sexuality, and desire.

The Kiss of Life No. 5 was shot at Ten Thousand Waves in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Kiss is a blend of smoking herbs and cannabis—created for moments of connection with yourself and with others.

Skin Deep



Skin Deep - Courage - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Desire - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Strength - Gwen O'Brien

Unconditional Love

Skin Deep - Unconditional Love - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Vision - Gwen O'Brien


Skin Deep - Vulnerability - Gwen O'Brien

The Kiss of Life

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